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The Willett Basketball Foundation is a non-profit that gives back to the community by teaching, developing, and inspiring leadership to our youth by creating a level playing field for all.

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Willett Basketball Foundation

Who We Are

The Willett Basketball Foundation creates opportunities for the youth to get Elite Professional training to help them build skill and confidence in the sport and life.

Donations to the foundation will go towards one of the  following:

  • Sponsoring student athletes for training.
  • Creating more opportunity for the athletes to have sessions, court cost, trainers, etc.
  • Free camps for the city’s student athletes
  • Offseason training and mentorship for University/College athletes.

We are working closely with both the school and club basketball programs to give the kids the best possible opportunity to succeed. 

All players we are helping will have grade checks and meetings to make sure they are doing all the right things off the court to have an opportunity to be successful on the court.

The foundation holds student-athletes to a high standard on and off the court to help create leaders out of young men and women in our city.

The Willett Family has always been dedicated to giving back through the game of basketball and the foundation is a dream turned reality. 

Bob Willett has been training players all over the world for the past 28 years and has helped countless players achieve their goals on and off the court. With his son Nolan also being a full time skills trainer, they are able to give back priceless knowledge and gems to the players they train.

This foundation has allowed the Willetts to continue to give back to their community at an even higher level and change so many young players lives.

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